Hey Badgers,

Exam season is right at our door, and that creates a lot of issues for all of us as students. Life gets seemingly harder during exams seasons, and I think we should hash out some of the things we all experience.

Sleep is entirely out of the question:

Anything in sight and edible is considered a meal:

Laying in bed wide awake from all the caffeine in your body:


Realizing you went to a class all semester and STILL know nothing:


Studying eventually leads to Netflix binging:


You’ll study for more Buzzfeed quizzes than actual exams:


There isn’t a puppy room, but you will have uncontrollable urge to pet a dog:

Exam season feels like you are constantly running late for an appointment, but you can’t find the doctors office. The more you search, the more lost you get. Exams are a tough few weeks, but don’t let that discourage you! Don’t forget to take time for yourself, it’s good for your health and you deserve a break! Stay hydrated, stay focused and show those scantron sheets who’s boss!!

It’s been a blast providing you with great content to read during your procrastination sessions, Badgers!