Ladies prepare yourselves, as Movember is officially upon us. Before I begin, let me just go over the fact that Movember is truly a great cause and an awesome way to create awareness, but for all you boys and men who will be sporting your best and worst Mo’s, please donate/raise money for the cause so that you aren’t looking like a 70’s pornstar for no reason. As the peach fuzz and dirty staches begin to sprout, here are a few of the great moments we all seem to experience during this wonderful time of year.

1. Moustache’s Everywhere You Look.

Walking down the hall, walking to your car, walking down the shampoo aisle at Wal-Mart, and even while driving your car. Every guy you see is sporting the greasiest moustache there is and you cannot run or hide because sooner or later – it will find you.

2. The “Just-For-Men” Dye Job.

Kid can’t even grow a full moustache.


3. “Wait, So You’re Not a Hockey Player?”

This is now a confusing time for women as we usually can pinpoint what a guy does on his spare time by the way he dresses – but with the new Mo and some greasy flow’s, pretty much everyone looks like a greasy hockey player and conversations are getting awkward.

4. Kissing With a Mo.

This moustache better be clean and pristine if you are going to have any chance at a make-out sesh that does not involve you scratching your face after. Also, it usually looks something like this…5258329953_6f0e6df6eb_o

5. The Cheesy Pick-Up Lines are That Much Worse.

We’ve all heard them and we’ve all tolerated them, but with the newfound confidence in their moustaches – the real guns are out. “Moustache rides anyone?”

6. “Don’t Act Like Your Not Impressed.”

Ron Burgundy is their God.

ron-burgundy-big-deal7. The Flow and the Mo are Apparently a Package Deal.

It’s like for some reason they believe that a moustache is not complete without a good flow. Unfortunately not all flow’s are equal and its 50/50 on whether or not you’ll be introducing yourself or running away.

8. The Determination & Commitment is Real.

There is always that one guy who decides he needs to grow a moustache that is capable of making it in a Spaghetti Western or a black and white film. You know what I’m talking about – the handlebar moustache; curled tips, quite possibly curling it with his fingers the minute you spot him. Another fine Movember moustache that can be spotted is the classic horseshoe moustache – channeling their inner Hulk Hogan.2456100555_647b03b94f_o

Check out the official Movember Canada website to donate!