Welcome to University!

Below is a syllabus or overview of the various humans you will encounter within your first year at Brock:

The Campus Celebrity

This is the person who was popular before school even started, they are all over the
“Accepted- Brock University Class 2020” pages. They’re typically attractive, funny, outgoing, and likeable to the point where it’s almost despise-worthy.

How to spot one: They are all over your newsfeeds, timelines and FB pages. Probably insta-famous and always has crowds of people walking through the halls with them.

The Party Animal

This individual is the ultimate O-Week Warrior and has the ultimate radar for nightlife and where the parties are. If they are not the ones throwing a legendary party, they are most definitely the life of it.

How to spot one:  They can be seen outside of their lair between the hours of 9 pm and 2 am or stumbling back home into their rooms at unimaginable hours.

The Slacker

Also known as the Sleeper. If you are lucky enough to see this elusive species- it is typically during the hours they wake up from their slumber to feed themselves. And if you are REALLY lucky, in class…in the rare occasion they decide to show up. Lives by “C’s Get Degrees”.

How to spot one: Probably asleep in their bed or in lecture…don’t bother looking anywhere else.

The School Spirited

This person is bubbling at the surface with love for Brock University. They are almost always decked out in Brock gear from the Campus Store that they might as well be the new school mascot (if they aren’t already). 


How to spot one: The loudest/most passionate individual at O-Week, Sports and Homecoming events, they are dressed as Boomer the Badger or at the campus store purchasing the latest Brock Swag.

The Facebook Fiend

Also known as the social media fiend – this is the person who does it for the likes, the retweets, the vines, the snapchat stories, linked-in connections…you name it. Posts everything they do.  Don’t be surprised if they bug you to take the perfect picture of them for insta. 

How to spot one: The person that has their phone out at parties and runs around asking people for a #followback or irritatingly snapchatting every moment of their day.

The Couple

The lucky two who experienced love at first sight on your floor or at a party in Village within the first week. Give it a month or two, an ugly and very public break-up is imminent.

How to spot one: Most often seen attached at the hip, unrecognizable when they are separated.

The Late-Comer

That person who shows up late to everything…and I mean everything. Always has their phone on them but never answers phone calls or text messages.

How to spot one: The person sneaking in halfway through a class, shows up just when the party’s about to end or at the end of dinner hours at the dining halls.


The Token Exchange student

Radiates cool, speaks with an accent and knows 8 different languages. Their instagram is filled with pictures of them travelling before they came to Brock – probably not unlike this one:


How to spot them: Probably has impeccable style, and can be overheard talking about the time they went cliff diving in South Africa, backpacking through Europe or stayed at a five-star resort in Maldives.


The Type A Scholar

This person makes you feel like a total sloth when it comes to academics. They’ve probably got a scholarship from Brock and has a double major in something crazy like BioMed and an International Dual Degree from Goodman.They’ve got a future so bright you could get a sunburn. You will see this person in the news winning an award for their academics, being unbelievably rich or saving the world one day.

How to spot one: You probably won’t. Their workload is massive and they’re probably hidden away somewhere on the 10th floor of the library in a cubicle.


and last but not least…YOU:

Totally normal, totally awesome, and totally having the time of their lives.


Brock BONUS:

The Brock Raccoons – Get familiar with these jerks. THEY.ARE.EVERY. WHERE. Watch out, they hiss.


How to spot one: If they aren’t bushes next to your house in village, they are crawling around garbage bins, or sleeping in the trees in Jubilee Court. Either way they are waiting for you…