Let’s be real, as a Brock student, it sometimes seems that almost everyone you meet on campus is part of the Concurrent Education program.

But something you may not realize is that as a Con- Ed student, we often hear the same responses over and over again once a person learns we want to become teachers.  The first few times, we have the energy to break down the assumptions. But eventually, we just roll our eyes and shake our head in disapproval.


The first and most common:
“You do realize there are no teaching jobs, right?”

Thank you so much for this valuable piece of information. I had absolutely no idea that the job market for teachers isn’t booming.

In reality, we are completely aware of the situation. But despite this fact, we are extremely dedicated and passionate about our career path. As a result, we are open to the options available to us like travelling abroad, working at private schools, or volunteering a ridiculous amount until we get a position that works with out education.


20150429010954_7160“5 years of school? But anyone can teach!”

Side note: It’s now a six-year program

I wish I had realized that before I blew all this time and money on my education!

In reality, effective teaching is quite an art and in order to be the best we can be, we need to understand the underlying theories and then apply that theory to the classroom.  We also need to master the art of classroom management and know the curriculum documents inside out.  It’s really not something that anyone can just do. Teaching, just like many professions, lets you learn through experience and theory. Anyone can teach, but not everyone can teach in an effective way!

“Wow, weekends and summers off!”

Yup. The sole reason I chose this career.

To be honest, weekends and after hours still aren’t nearly enough time to get everything done. Behind every hour of an engaging and interactive lesson is HOURS of planning which is followed by even more hours of marking and assessment. Also, let’s not even get started on what is to be expected when report card time comes around, along with parent teacher interviews!



“But you could do so much more”

Thanks for believing in me…

Please try to recognize that this is not a compliment.  It is an insult because it is belittling one of the most important jobs out there. People don’t settle by teaching; they choose it despite all the challenges. Keep in mind that it is teachers who instil students with the knowledge needed to pursue every other job which exists.

Long story short: NEVER underestimate a Concurrent Education student, because there is a reason they chose to be in their program. These are the future teachers which will be inspiring and empowering the future generations. We are placing the world of opportunity into the hands of the next generation, and we take it seriously!


  1. Joni says:

    Hi. My niece shared this with me. I attended U of T for my teaching degree. At our first assembly we were told “if anyone here believes that you will have a teaching job at the end of this programme you should leave now” I am now retired after having taught for 30 years. Yes, it took a few years to become established with a permanent contract and it required some real flexibility and experience in 3 boards but dedicated and passionate teachers will find a way. Don’t be discouraged be resourceful and don’t lose hope. As for people’s comments thinking anyone can teach…that’s because good teachers make it appear easy to the viewer…prepared and organized. People have been making the same comments for 35 years. They are only guilty of ignorance. Inform them.
    ps. Don’t be nervous about a parent night. I found parents to be very gracious if you approach them with true concern and make it clear that both of you have the same goal…their child’s success and a joy of learning. Include them in the problem solving as most who show up want to be involved but may just not know what to do to help their child. Best of luck to you!

  2. Anon says:

    “we are open to the options available to us like travelling abroad”

    Thanks for proving that this program is only for rich white girls. Traveling abroad is not a career option, its a holiday that students that just got out of 6 years of schooling could not afford.