I don’t know about you, but I still cannot believe that it’s already April and final exams are right around the corner. As a fourth year business student I’m even more astonished that I will soon be able to call myself a Brock Alumni. As terrifying as the real world is and the thought of no longer being a student at Brock, I am also just as excited to start my next chapter in life. Brock University has provided me with a million different experiences that I never thought possible and I am sure there will be another million more experiences that I will gain from the next chapter in my life. I am so thankful for the many friends that I have made during my time spent here at Brock and I’m even thankful for Herb Mackenzie scaring me to death way back in MGMT 1P90. It is the experiences that challenged me as a student and as a person that has molded me into who I am today. Being able to work with BUSU and listen to different professors with their different styles of teaching will help me throughout my future career and daily life.

By writing this blog post, I want the 2015 graduating classes to take a step back and look at what a great experience Brock University has been. BUT before we get all sappy and start crying, I think we should also go over some last minute things that you should do or make sure you have done, before leaving Brock University!


  1. Attend events!
  • Brock has tons of events going on throughout the year and I am sure there are still a few left before exams. Attending events is something that every student should take advantage of as these create memorable experiences, increase your knowledge, and you can meet new people along the way. Being a part of Brock University is all about socializing, networking, and being part of a community.
  1. Utilize Career Services
  • Honestly, Career Services is something that you should really take advantage of before you leave University. You can easily sign up for resume clinics, cover letter feedback, interview preparations, mock interviews, etc. The list goes on! Being a student who is about to graduate – this is the optimum time to get use out of these services. Graduating students should ensure that they have a professional looking resume and cover letter in order to find a career or even if applying for graduate school.
  1. Hit the town
  • Downtown St. Catharines has plenty to offer. Obviously there is the classic Red Hot Chili Pepper, which nobody can deny that they’ve had a good time at. Next there is L3 if you’re into dancing and climbing some pretty risky stairs in 5-inch heels, or maybe head to Sheehan’s with your buddies and down a pickle shot for old times sake. Finish off your night with some good ol’ Smokes Poutine and a little cheese curd & gravy regret in the morning!
  1. Visit nearby attractions
  • If you haven’t already and you are not from the area, make sure you check out Niagara Falls, which is getting even nicer right now with spring finally here (not to mention that it is one of the world’s Natural Wonders!). Head to Niagara-On-The-Lake for some fun and delicious wine tastings of Niagara VQA wines and then take a stroll down into town where there are cute little boutiques offering unique items and beautiful scenery. Traditional Tea Service is also available at the famous Prince of Wales Hotel, which can be a fun and relaxing experience with friends before you head home.
  1. Have a party!
  • University is about the only time it’s truly acceptable to attend house parties, so make sure you’ve managed to do so (as I am sure most of you have). Partying with your friends with no care in the world is something that we will one day be telling our kids about and how we miss “the good ol’ days”… so make em’ count!
  1. Maybe try to wrap your head around MacChown?
  • Okay I’m not really sure if anyone has ever mastered MacChown, but this is the most frustrating building for me and I know others. This would be an accomplishment for the books – it may even be valuable enough for your resumé!
  1. Take a hike
  • DeCew Falls is just a hop, skip and a jump away. With this nice weather that we wonderfully deserve and the need to relieve some stress from exams, maybe get outside in the fresh air and take a hike to see the beautiful DeCew Falls.
  1. Cheer on your fellow Badgers
  • Go out to a hockey, basketball, or whatever kind of varsity game to experience the thrill of cheering on your school team. If you haven’t been able to make it this year and you’re not finished your program, make sure to check it out next year!
  1. Attend an IceDogs game
  • This group of OHL superstars are not to be missed. With the new Meridian Centre, these boys are ready to play and ready to win. This Sunday (April 5th), the IceDogs will be playing their home playoff game 3 against Ottawa 67’s.
  1. Meet Sir Isaac Brock
  • With the new statue that was placed at the front of Tower, this symbolizes the strength and determination that we as Brock students have. Years from now students will come and go but always remember this beautiful statue and remember Brock University. Sir Isaac Brock was a huge part of the War of 1812, and with his valiant efforts, the British were victorious and defeated the Americans.

Finally, I wish everyone good luck with their final exams and their ventures after Brock University. I look forward to seeing my fellow BBA classmates at this year’s graduation ceremony and it was an honour to be a part of such a great school.