Hey there badgers!

The week that we all looked forward to for so long has ended and sadly we have to return back to the regular swing of things. I don’t know about all of you, but I went into reading week planning to have the most productive week of my life; I planned to get readings done, write essays early, start making study guides for exams, and find some time to run a marathon or something. Let me assure you that I did not get any of those things done during my reading week and I know I’m not the only person sitting here wondering how I managed to let myself procrastinate my life away yet again.

Discovered a new show on Netflix:


I don’t know if Netflix just was out to ruin our lives, but it’s almost as if they planned to release a ton of new shows as students were on reading week because they know who we really are deep down.

Went to Cuba for a week:


Rest assured, We all hate those lucky few who went to Cuba or anywhere else on a Vacation during reading week, while the rest of us froze.


I hope that everyone had the chance to catch ip on some much needed sleep, cause you won’t be getting a full night any time soon.

Getting woken up to visit family:



Read Kanye’s Twitter beef with himself:


Hearing about someone possibly having over $53 Million in Debt suddenly doesn’t make OSAP seem so bad, am I right?

Shovel our car out of a snowbank:

That isn’t a white blank space above this text, it’s a photo that I took after the snow storm on Wednesday last week.

Watching All Star Weekend:



Celebrated Valentines Day:

Valentines day just passed and I’m sure that everyone gave their partner a day that they will never forget or threw their very own single party for all those who are single and ready to mingle!


I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely have some regrets now that I am back in classes and my instructors assume that I spent the week doing readings and studying for finals; when in reality, I was trying to discover how long I could balance an egg on my head (true story). Let’s have a moment for all of us in the same boat. Lets go, Badgers! Get back to work cause I’m sure we’ve all got a lot of catching up to do!