Me: Can’t wait for summer!

Mom: Have you found a summer job yet?

Me: Uhmm….no

Mom: How many times have I told you to start looking?

If this sounds relatable, then congratulations on procrastinating and looking for a summer job last minute like most of us. For those of you who did find one earlier or are continuing a job, maybe these websites will help you with your search in the future. As much as I love my mother, her constant nagging about finding a summer job really takes its toll, I mean if only binge-watching Netflix with pizza and wine was a job…I’d be great at it.

Network – crack the hidden job market:

Most jobs aren’t advertised. Often times you hear about someone landing an awesome job because they knew someone who was looking or they contacted businesses that might have been expanding. Attend networking events, striking up a conversation with someone could turn into a potential job opportunity in the future.

An upcoming job fair is:

NAPP Canada Job Fair happening April 27 at Woodbine Centre Mall

Clean up your online presence:

Those photos of you getting smashed at Gords last Saturday probably isn’t the best representation of yourself for potential employers. You may not realize it but potential employers check your social media sites more than you think. A good tool to find all the dirt on yourself is Pipl, which allows you to search yourself and untag any unflattering photos.

Consider an online portfolio:

This may not be something you immediately gravitate towards but it will help employers get a sense as to who you are. It can be as simple as creating a WordPress blog or Wixsite and putting a photo of yourself and your resume. Otherwise it can give you an outlet to expand your resume and put up blurbs about your accomplishments, volunteering, and interests. It also allows recruiters to find you online, now I’m not saying you need to have an online portfolio like Robby Leonardi but something simple will give employers something else to reference.

Keywords and tailoring your resume:

Search for keywords in the job ad and be sure to include them in your cover letter. The first thing some human resource managers do is check for keywords and eliminate those that don’t reference the keywords.

When sending in your resume it is so easy to use the same cover letter for multiple jobs by just switching the name of the company. PLEASE STOP THIS. If you want to land that summer job, research the company and tailor it to their job ad. Go the extra mile and find out the hiring manager’s name to avoid stating “To whom it may concern”, often times this comes across as lazy, and you may be rewarded for taking the time to address the person in your cover letter.

Head West, North or East:


Growing up in a University town or deciding to stay for the summer can prove difficult when it comes to finding a job especially if you start your job search late in the game (i.e. Me). Can you imagine spending your summer in the beautiful Canadian Rockies of Jasper National Park? Spending your days off, hiking through the mountains, swimming in crystal clear water and even road tripping across the West Coast? Hmm…we may have found a winner.

Avoid the same websites:

For the past few years, Indeed has been one of the websites that I gravitate towards and I have landed some pretty awesome summer jobs from there. But alas as I graduate this year and look for something in my field I feel as though I need to upgrade my search.

Both Macleans and The Toronto Star have generated lists on sites to use for finding your next job. I encourage you to check them out and I will name a few down below. – this site has over 245,000 job postings in Canada and updates itself 24 hours a day – If you are looking to make a difference with a non-profit organization check out charity villiage – Mosaic is perfect for finding short-term or long-term positions in your area – Great place to find entry level positions, summer jobs, internships or starter jobs

If you know of any other sites then please comment, or tag @BrockBUSU on Twitter and we’ll add it to the list.