To quote John Steinbeck, “We do not take a trip; a trip takes us.” When looking back on my own past experiences with traveling, I interpret this quote as outlining the power that travel has over the individual, and how it “takes” you in more ways than just to a different place. Travelling takes you to experiences you may not have foreseen and travel takes you down physical and emotional paths that you were not prepared for, it opens feelings in you that you were not familiar with. Nevertheless, Contiki Tours is aware of this and uses this sense of uncertainty to it’s advantage. Contiki sees travelling as a way of life and their philosophy asserts #NoRegrets, and you’ll have no regrets in booking a trip with Contiki.

If you are feeling a strong sense of wanderlust and yearn for a new adventure that will take away a part of you in a most satisfying way, consider Contiki, a travel corporation that exists to bring together young travelers and introduce them to the time of their lives. Contiki Tours was formed in 1962 specifically to create coach trips for 18- to 35-year-olds. Here are 5 reasons why you should seize the day and embark on a Contiki adventure if you have the chance:

 Travel with a Group and Make New Friends:

 I believe that most of us can agree that life’s greatest moments are made sweeter by the people we share them with. With Contiki, you are given the opportunity to meet new people and travel with a group. Not only will you be around people within your age range (18 to 35-year-old individuals) but you will also be around people who have the same mindset as you, people who are passionate and open-minded to the journey ahead of them. With Contiki you are usually on a bus with a lot of people and with opportunities such as exploring the Eiffel Tower together or partying at night with each other, it is these memories that will stick with you throughout your life stronger than experiencing a new place on your own.

 Safe traveling. Even if you are planning to go on a trip alone, you won’t have to experience the fear of being in an unknown place on your own. It is always great to have a big group traveling with you when it comes to safety. With Contiki, you will be with a big group, and especially so if you choose to do one of the 2-3 week European tours. Traveling safely will also put the minds of your parents and your loved ones at ease.

Travelling with a group does not mean you do not get “Me Time”:

If you are like me, you like being around people, but you also highly value your alone time. Contiki recognizes the importance of Me Time and gives you the free time you need to do what you want. Contiki offers ME Time optionals to make the most of your free time for great prices. From a Jungle Maya Expedition in Cancun to a Nouvelle Eve Cabaret Show in Paris, there is a ME time optional that will make the most of your trip. When exploring the Contiki website, look for the M symbol on the trip pages for a full list of ME time optionals.

Value and Great Prices:

Contiki offers great prices paired with an amazing variety of travel experiences. During your trip, there is a team of Trip Managers and there are Local Guides that know as much as the locals. Traveling with Contiki will also get you VIP access to the world’s tourist icons and bring you to the front of the line. Contiki also offers Early Payment Discounts and Book with Friends discounts, adding to the ways they aim to make your trip not only fun, but affordable. BONUS: Contiki is offering an exclusive discount for Brock University students. You can save 100$ on your Contiki adventure when you use the promo code PPCBROCK at

Contiki is considerate of your “Travel Style”:

Not every traveler carries the same goal when it comes to embarking on a trip. Whether you live for physical adventure or desire to be enriched by the culture, Contiki respects your travel style which determines the types of experiences you want out of your trip. Contiki has a set of 8 ways to travel based on one’s personality type, and these included Discovery Plus, High Energy, In-Depth, Easy Pace, Camping, Sailing and Cruise, Winter and Ski, and Festival and Short Stays. Each of these styles include many different trips varying in how long the trip is. With Contiki’s awareness of your travel style, it is guaranteed that your travel goals are met.

With the end of the semester coming sooner than you think, there is no better time to book your trip than now! Explore all the amazing trips Contiki offers throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America at Contiki’s Website. Allow Contiki the chance to let a trip take you in many ways, and life a life with #NoRegrets.