It’s almost that time of year again, Badgers! The time for family, friends and good food—oh yeah, and presents. While Christmas is almost around the corner, it might be time to start piecing your Christmas lists together. So while you’re jotting down some things you’d like to find under the tree this year, here’s some great gift ideas to ask Santa for.

1.  Grocery Store Gift-Cards: 


Even though gift cards may seem like a cop-out, it’s a fantastic gift to receive when you’re a student.

2. Headphones

Santa Claus Listening and Singing to the Music

In case your old ones aren’t the greatest or have done their time, they’re always great to have. Whether you’re studying in the library, taking the bus to school or working out at the gym, headphones come in handy every day.

3. Tupperware


Might not be something that’s on everyones christmas list, but tupperware is always a good thing to have! You can never have enough tupperware!

4.  A Bike


This can be really convenient for a student, maybe not so much in the winter, but once spring comes, it can be great for getting around.

5.  Candles 


Maybe not so much for first year students, since candles are prohibited in residence, but nothing is nicer than a candle for your bedroom.

6.  A Bubba


Now this is a gift that can keep on giving. Whether it’s coffee or tea, these mugs ensure that your drinks stay hot all day long. And for seasonal use, these keep your drinks cold as ice for beach days or pool days in the summer!

So keep these great gift ideas in mind when you’re leaving your list for Santa this year! Happy Holidays and good luck with your exams, Badgers!