Everybody knows that at Brock, our weekends start on Thursdays. Thursday is the day that we can put the books away for a night of drinks with friends and the chances of meeting someone new. Isaac’s is a place where Badger’s can dance until they can’t anymore – or until 2am when it’s time to go. During your time at Isaacs, there are a few types of people that you’ll meet that will make your experience extra special:

Isaac’s Security:


Security are the first faces you’ll see at Isaacs. Don’t get too rowdy though, because you don’t want them to be the last face you see as well.

That person celebrating a birthday:

You’ll know these types by the birthday sashes and/or birthday buttons. Bonus points if you buy them a drink to establish a friendship.

Someone crying in the bathroom:


Let’s be honest, we’ve all had a night where doing endless tequila shots seemed like a great idea at first. Only to end up in the bathroom crying over that person who never returned your pencil in first year.

A bunch of people from your classes:

That’s right, they have a life outside of ENGL 4F02. Go say hello, buy them a drink. Congratulations, you now have someone to stress with when the exam comes.

A couple who REALLY enjoy PDA:

We’ve all seen it: that one couple who spends all the time making out with each other and occasionally comes up for air.


The smart crew who got bottle service:

I always thought that bottle service was overrated, but the line to get into Isaac’s on certain nights is what’s overrated. You get bottle service AND line by-pass. Talk about a match made in heaven, right? If you didn’t know, Isaac’s does offer bottle service. Just get in touch with the bar manager here and you are good to go!

That guy who’s drunk and think’s he’s Bill Gates:

You’ll see him buying drinks for everybody he meets, and you are automatically best friends.


That person in EVERY Bar shot photo:

Relax, dude. This isn’t a photoshoot!

Isaac’s is never a dull moment for those who come out on Thursday nights. Each week is something new and DJ Patty V is has always got you covered with some of the greatest tunes around! Grab your friends, and we’ll see you tonight and every Thursday after!