The student life is tough. There is no denying that, between full time or part time classes, maybe working a job on the side, maintaining a social life all while figuring out how to live on your own. There’s no other word for it, it’s just tough. When you live the life of a University student, it’s hard to take a second to sit back and think about those that make your life just a little easier and more enjoyable. Regardless, those people exist and come to work everyday with the goal of making Brock University an amazing spot for us, the student body. These are the people that I like to call “Undercover Superheroes” and boy does that description fit.Student-Alumni-Centre

About a year ago, Brock University’s very own Skybar and Union Station underwent a big change with the goal of improving the quality of food and services for the Students. Whether you like to grab some food on the fly or sit down with friends for a meal on campus, it’s safe to say that there is a delicious and affordable option for anyone and everyone.


      I sat down with Mike Donovan, Mark Murray and Andy Tang (a few of the key members in BUSU food operations) to talk about their positions with BUSU and what they have accomplished over the past year. The conversation was extremely positive about the progress that has been made over the past year and had an optimistic outlook for the years to come. I started, by asking the group what they thought the biggest change has been this past year.


      Mark Murray (Brand Ambassador) quickly responded with “Morale and  positivity,” with regards to the staff as a whole and went on to explain that  everyone seems to be coming to work in a better mood which allows for the  whole Union Station team to work within a better atmosphere which is  more trusting.

Next, I asked what the goal was moving forward for both Union Station  and Isaac’s Skybar, to which, Mike Donovan (Manager of Food Operations) responded, “We need to try and maintain what we’ve started” as far as food quality and service goes. Furthermore, Mike continued to add that he was happy that students had a place where, “They know they’re gonna get good food that’s affordable”. With such a positive and dedicated outlook, with regards to the future of both union Station and Skybar, Brock students can breathe a breath of fresh air knowing they will have a quality spot to grab some grub on campus for the next couple years.

Lastly, I asked the three how they felt about the student staff that works for both food services. Andy Tang (Skybar Chef) replied by saying that the student staff is “The key to business” and that Union and Skybar are lucky to have such dedicated students. Mike added to the answer by mentioning the paramount support that Union Station and Skybar have received from BUSU executive team this year, “They trust us and let us do what we need to do” with regards to food operations.

I finished the interview by asking if anyone had anything to add, to which, the group responded with a resounding, “It’s safe to say it’s the best job we’ve had”. I have worked with the Andy, Mark and Mike for the past year and I can honestly say that I have looked at the three as heroes to Brock Students and staff as a whole. Whether it’s a new and improved menu, fair and affordable prices or great customer service, Brock University is lucky to have such a dedicated staff at both Union Station and Isaac’s Skybar.

      Below, is a link to the BUSU Staff Directory , where you can find pictures of the interviewed, along with others that work at the Brock University Student Union.

On behalf of the Brock student body, thank you!

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