As you may have heard or seen on your Facebook news feed, UNICEF Brock is making a big change in our Brock community (or at least I think so). A club that is determined to help others, believes in themselves and students, and won’t take no for an answer are starting turning heads.


Each year, the club picks an initiative and helps to raise awareness about a specific issue, as well as funds, and gets the students involved. This year, the club chose to help raise awareness about Syrian refugees, and I think it’s fair to say they did just that. On November 27th three students from the club took on a walk from Brock to Toronto in order to raise awareness about the issue. After walking for three days, the members safely made it to Toronto where they were greeted by UNICEF representatives in Nathan Philip Square. The club was also able to raise thousands of dollars for the crisis and educate Brock students on the issue.



If you are passionate about a specific initiative, want to meet people, and believe in the power of students then this club is for you. Typically, club meetings involve going over upcoming events, and dividing roles among group members. The Presidents along with a team of executives work extremely hard to ensure events run smoothly.


Want to get involved? The next UNICEF Brock event will take place in February where members will be selling roses in the hallways to raise funds for charity. Make sure to check out their Facebook page for more information!