It’s a fact of life that a good Drake song can relate to almost anything happening in your life, especially in University. With that being said, here are 9 pro tips for university life, as told through Drake songs.


Class can definitely be a struggle to attend at times. Especially when it’s before noon and you didn’t give yourself time to caffeinate, or it’s a Friday and you spent your Thursday night tearing up the d-floor at Isaac’s. Regardless of the many reasons you could skip class, don’t. Even though your buddy from PSYC 1F90 promises to take good notes, we all know that the best way to learn the material is by sitting in class… and remember to look at your textbooks the way Drake looks at Rihanna!


Your parents are worried about you, they miss you, and they want to hear about all the good choices you’re making. Mix in a phone call to mom, dad, or any other important people in your life! You’ll be surprised how good you feel after talking to family.


As previously mentioned, school is definitely important! However, a vital part of your university experience is maintaining your social life. Take a few hours out of your busy lives to make plans with your crew!


Got energy? Whether you’re into hitting the Zone to crush weights, or you’d rather take a stroll across our beautiful campus, be sure to make time for fitness activities! I recommend getting out in nature and hitting up the many trails that are on campus and in surrounding areas while the weather is still nice.


As expendable as University students may seem, it’s just unrealistic to assume that we can do it all! Learning how to prioritize work, school, and a social life can be extremely stressful. Sometimes it definitely feels like FOMO can be the worst alternative – what if something legendary happens? We promise that you’ll feel better finishing tomorrow’s assignment before you decide to blow it off to hang with your friends.


Stress is inevitable in University life, but not all stress is bad! If you find you’re feeling down or overworked, be sure to check out our many on-campus resources to aid in the coping process! For example: BUSU offers many Wellness Days throughout each semester, which feature puppy rooms, art therapy, free massages, and many other activities!


Student discounts are offered on campus, across St. Catharines, and the Niagara Region. In addition, BUSU offers countless giveaways throughout the school year. Just be sure to follow us on all social media to find out when and where you can score free stuff! (@brockbusu)


It isn’t a secret that the key to good grades includes studying, and providing yourself with more than enough time to complete assignments. It also isn’t a secret that it can feel like your work load can go from 0 to 100 REAL quick. We recommend giving yourself more than 24 hours to prepare for any due date.


University will be some of the best times of your life, and if you follow these pro tips, we know that Brock will be the best experience you’ve ever had.

All these Drake songs have you feelin’ some type of way? Make sure to join us at OVO Night, September 28th, 2017 at Isaac’s Bar & Grill!