The beginning of November is always the time for half priced candy at Zehrs, colder weather, that one neighbour on your block who’s already put up his Christmas lights and also, the endless stream of Halloween pictures on social media.

From Instagram to Facebook, it’s hard to escape—and we’re all guilty of it.


I mean, who doesn’t want to post a picture to Instagram in their Halloween costume? Or post a picture of the night they had, the people they were with or the things they did? Sometimes, we get a little carried away with these posts, and we forget about all the lessons that we learned in our high-school days, regarding the importance of safety on social media.

I know, I know, enough with the eye rolling, but this continues to be a pressing issue regarding university students and their actions upon social media. From learning all about the horrors in high school, such as the fact that employers now check your social media websites, and the police have access to these accounts as well, this continues to be something that can make or break you.

Teenagers using cellphones

By following this simple checklist, you can ensure your actions on social media can’t get you into some deep trouble later on.

1. Is it appropriate?

Before uploading your picture or video on the internet, it’s important to take a second to assess the photo for what it really is. Is it a picture you should be posting online? Is it appropriate? Is it a picture you’d want your mother to see? These are important things to consider before sharing it online with the cyber-world.

2. Do I have permission?

Is there somebody else in your picture? Have they given you permission to post this picture? Is this an appropriate picture of them? Would they want this online? These are also some important questions to consider when sharing a picture or video of you and another person. Something as simple as posting a photo online without their permission, could have some serious consequences for your friend, as well as yourself.

3. Who else can see this?

It’s always important to consider what your privacy settings are like before posting a photo or video. It’s important to be aware that there could be more people, other than your group of friends, that you are sharing it with.

4. What could the consequences be? 

It’s always important to look at the bigger picture, and consider the implications of your online posts. Could there be consequences? How could it effect you in the long-run?

So if you’re having a great time, partying with friends, and are looking to post a photo online, just take one second to think of these simple questions. This way, you can easily ensure that your social media accounts remain fun and safe for everyone, including yourself!