Hey there badger beauts! Valentines day is right around the corner, which means that there are tons of students that have absolutely no idea what to buy that someone special. Lets be honest, cliche gifts are… well… cliche. A dozen roses just doesn’t mean the same thing because it’s been done a bunch of times. Thinking outside the box is great because it shows that you put some thought into what you are doing for your partner.

Write them something personal and unique:

Write them a poem, a song, a fan-fiction, anything. Writing something for someone is not only thoughtful; but it also gives them a gift that is completely unique! Many people would take a fan-fic over some roses any day! Get out your pen and paper, and get writing!

Show off your cooking skills:


Housewife on the kitchen

or… lack of

Buy them something you know they love:

No one will know your partner in the way that you do, and that’s a great thing! Buy them something that you know they will not only love but use every single chance they get. If they complain about not having a calculator time and time again, buy them a calculator.

Give them your netflix password:

There is no greater expression of love then letting someone use your Netflix account. In addition, there is no greater feeling then using Netflix for free. NOTE: If you break up, using your exes Netflix account is just wrong!

Make them a university care package:

As University students, there are many things that we need to get through anything. It could be a long day on campus, or a long study session. A care package is a great way to show that you care! (Please forgive me for that pun, but it was right there!). Prepare a little package that includes things that will keep them motivated to get through whatever they need to. Include cute little notes, some candy, and other things that your partner will appreciate.

Give them a framed copy of your best selfie together:

Every couple has those cute selfies that they take on dates. Frame one of the best ones in a beautiful frame, and give it to them. It’s a super cheap way to express your love for them. You can even make a macaroni picture frame if you wanna be extra creative.

Take them for dinner at their favourite place:



If there is food involved, chances are that they will love it.


While valentine’s day is a day many people spend endless money on their partner, that isnt the only option out there! Valentine’s day is about showing your lover how much you care, not only about how much you can spend! Make this valentine’s day memorable and show you care in a thoughtful way; and for all the hopeless romantics out there, consider it a blessing! You don’t have to share your netflix!