Your Guide to being the best fans in Canada

The stadium is bustling with people clad in red screaming, “GO BADGERS, GO BADGERS, GO!” Everyone is filled with excitement, nervousness, and hope; the hope to win yet another game and go home with pride and elation. The vibrancy in the air is what #WEAREREADY is all about.

The movement redefines the meaning of being a Badger! Whether you’re a first year or a fifth year student, a professor or an alumni, this movement unites us all through our love for sports. A movement created by the students for the students, #WEAREREADY instills a sense of pride, culture, and belonging in each one of us. It’s not tangible, neither is it measurable. However, it is what makes us Badgers the best fans in all of Canada. It gives us the most crazy and fun experience not just within the stadium or during a game, but also within the hallways on a busy Tuesday afternoon. The movement is a feeling that every badger shares, a feeling that makes us continuously be the best at everything we do at Brock University.

Wondering how to get more involved in the #WEAREREADY movement?

1. Sign up to volunteer and contribute to the Brock spirit!

  1. http://gobadgers.us11.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=24ace239d2fbb2e5386a3da13&id=4323f4e7ce

2. Purchase items from the We Are Ready clothing line, or hit the Campus Store for Badger swag! This will help you show off your Badger pride at the next game! (or even in class)

3. Follow the movement on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram for news about upcoming games on campus! #WEAREREADY

4. Last, but definitely not least: Attend games, and cheer on your Badgers!!

As the best fans in Canada, we’ve hit record attendance at the past two Steel Blade Classic games! Join your fellow badgers, create history and be a part of a team that let’s us uphold the values and traditions of being a Brock Badger.

So join the movement and ensure that years later when you look back at your university experience, you know that those were the best days of your life! Seize the opportunity by going to as many games as possible. Be a part of a stadium full of people clad in red chanting, “GO BADGERS, GO BADGERS GO,” because “I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN.”