Dear new badgers,

It’s Jam!

I just wanted to say: WELCOME TO BROCK! It’s  been a week since you’ve come to your new home! I may just be bias, but I believe Brock is the greatest, and I am sure you’ve made the right choice. I hope you feel that way walking through the halls this year. Let me start off by saying that Brock shines bright among Canadian universities. Our humanities faculty consists of so many great BA’s such as creative writing, dramatic art, English language and literature, philosophy, history, and more. This faculty also grows not only in students, but in courses and professors too. Our education faculty is great as well; ever expansive and continuously pumping teachers into the workplace, both locally and internationally. Brock’s faculty of applied health sciences is also famous, promoting the healthiest communities possible. This faculty and all the students in it continuously reach out to communities all over Niagara, restoring health and making a difference. The mathematics and sciences faculty may seem a little intimidating, but it is (yet again), growing and creating well-rounded and intelligent students into successful grownups.


If that isn’t convincing enough, then you’ve definitely heard about our social science program, as it is one of the most popular faculties at Brock, with modern courses like labour studies, to important historical courses, like psychology. Whichever the social science, it is assured that Brock is blowing minds and opening minds everyday. And of course, the Goodman School of Business will never wither, as it makes students into accountants, marketing masters, and amazing entrepreneurs with confidence. With all these amazing sectors to Brock, it is clear that no matter what you’re trying to achieve here, there is definitely a way of getting to it. Brock is growing physically and academically by the minute. And aesthetically…(I mean c’mon did you see our new bronze statue!?)


If you’ve never been to post secondary before, you should know that being social is just as important as being academic. All work and no play makes everyone dull. It’s boring, it’s not fun, and your work will definitely reflect that. Going out one or two days a week won’t butcher your grades. It is super healthy to meet people, especially for networking purposes. Make friends in your classes, go outside your comfort zone, and don’t be afraid to go out. Events like O-Week are here to break the ice. If you were at Vendor Fair, it is clearly obvious how many clubs Brock has, from Playmakers, to Brock Pride, to sports clubs, and to art clubs. After Vendor Fair was our Big Ticket concert, which was a success as 3LAU blew up the stage while you crazy badgers shuffled. Other events including courtyard games, socials, condom poker, and of course pub night at our own Isaac’s were hugely successful!  Check out downtown for fun events, as well as just wandering around campus making friends and getting comfortable with your university.



Lastly, please smile. When you get that paper in on time, smile. If you don’t get that paper in on time, shoot an email to your TA, THEN smile. If you see someone from seminar who you have never talked to in the hallway but want to acknowledge, smile.  If you see a stranger, smile. See someone cute, smile. Get cashed out by the market ladies, smile.  It takes less facial muscles anyway.

See you around Badgers!



You’re going to do great!