Welcome! My name is Jordan Hallawell, and I am the Creative Media Manager for the Brock University Students’ Union. I have been involved with BUSU for the last 5 years, and have held different positions leading to my current position. Creative Media may sound a bit vague, so to put it simply, my main job is to ensure all businesses, services, and initiatives have the print, digital and web assets they require in order to do their job. You could say my primary job is to help bring everyone’s ideas and visions to life, and it is great to help everyone work towards accomplishing their goals.

Today, I am pleased to present to you one of my own ideas – the Student Powered blog. What is it? We have three main goals I hope we can achieve over the course of this school year:

  • Empower students to live better
  • Deliver meaningful and shareable content
  • Create a community of like minded students

You can expect to see articles spanning a wide variety of subjects on the blog. For example, some articles we will be running include Planning a Week of Meals on a Budget, Early Exam Preparation, What to do on Fall Reading Week and much more. We hope to provide real tips, tricks and insight that you can take and apply in your everyday life. Being a student is tough, and we want to make it just a little bit easier on you. You can expect posts from us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so be sure to visit on those days to see the latest content.

We have a road map for the blog, but nothing is set in stone, and we are very open to hearing your comments and ideas. Have a suggestion for something you would like to see covered? Email me (jhallawell@busu.net) and let me know what you want see, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. If you have a question regarding a specific post, or something to add to a specific article, feel free to use the comments, as we will also be keeping a close eye on those as well.

I’ve used ‘we’ as opposed to ‘I’ for the majority of this post, and I can’t end without telling you a little bit about our writers. Our writing team is comprised of 9 Brock students just like you, from a variety of programs and years. We’ll be introducing them over the next few days as they do introduction posts about themselves, so keep your eyes open for those over the course of the week.

Thank you very much for checking out StudentPowered.ca, and if you have any comments or questions, please get in touch.