Wellness Week:

Coming up the week of November 28th – December 2nd is one of my FAVOURITE events of the year- Wellness Week! A full week of free yoga and paddle boarding classes, snacks being given out in the hallways, free massages, a puppy room, and a charity hockey game- what’s not to love? With different departments and clubs across campus organizing events focused on wellness, there’s something for everyone. Let’s take a look at what’s planned for Wellness Week 2016!


Photo: Wellness Week Partners Website

Free Massages:

Free massages are being organized by Student Health Services as one of the highlights of Wellness Week. I think I can speak for most people when I say that some of us look forward to free massages all semester. To get a free massage head to SkyBar Lounge on Monday and Friday from 1:00-5:00pm. As one of the most popular Wellness Week events, plan to get there early!


Photo: Student Justice Centre (Facebook)

Arts and Crafts:

Working on creating something can be incredibly therapeutic, whether it’s painting a picture, making a collage, or planting seeds. Come out and de-stress at one of the art and craft events!

First, on Monday the Student Justice Centre is organizing an event called “The Power of HeART”. This will involve making collages with a focus on wellness. To join in this fun night of art, head to the Student Justice Centre on Monday from 5-7pm. For more info, check out this event on Facebook.

On Tuesday the Active Minds Club and the Paul Hansell Foundation will be organizing a station in SkyBar lounge. There will be a few different options, including things like colouring, play-doh, planting seeds, and journaling. Stop by Tuesday from 11-5pm!

On Thursday there will be an event called Expressive Art Therapy organized by BUSU. This will be running from 2-5pm in SkyBar lounge.


If “free” and “food” are two words you like hearing, you’ll want to check out these events. First, there’s going to be a free snack giveaway! To get through the final essays, assignments, and exam prep, we need to make sure we’re eating enough- and BUSU’s got our back! Pick up some free healthy snacks at the Advocacy Hub (at the end of Mac Chown A Block) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 1-3pm. And for those of us who do our best work after having a little caffeine, there will also be free coffee and tea. This is another event where you’ll want to stop by early before the snacks run out!

If you’re like me and usually like to sleep in until the last possible minute then run in a panic to get to class on time, sometimes breakfast gets forgotten. On Thursday you can sleep in without worrying about missing breakfast, because there will be FREE BREAKFAST in Isaac’s Bar and Grill! This will include vegan, halal, and gluten-free options, and will be provided by BUSU from 7:30-9:30am. See you there!

If you want to learn how to make your own delicious and healthy snacks, the Brock Chapter of the Canadian Obesity Network is organizing a free and healthy cooking class. If this sounds good to you, sign up in advance on the Wellness Week page, then head to Isaac’s Bar and Grill on Monday from 2-4pm.


Photo: Brock University Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre (Facebook)

The Puppy Room

One of my absolute FAVOURITE events- this event is wonderful for people who love dogs, are missing a pet back home, or just want to play with puppies for a while. This event is organized by Student Health Services, and the dogs are brought in from St. John Ambulance. To spend some time with the dogs, stop by the Kenmore Centre (beside Harrison Hall) any time between 9:30-5pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!


Photo: Wellness Week Partners (website)

Free Fitness Classes

One of the best ways to de-stress and refocus your mind is through exercise- and we’ve got quite a few different options during Wellness Week.

First, we’ve got Power Yoga being organized by BUSU. This event will run a few times throughout the week, and will be off-campus at The Lofts and Regent. If you’re interested in attending, make sure to sign up early online through the Wellness Week page.

Recreation Services will be offering several different yoga classes as well, including Hatha Flow Yoga, Yogalates, and Power Yoga. All of these yoga classes will be held in the Dance Studio.

Yoga not really your thing? More interested in something like… stand-up paddle boarding? Then don’t worry! There will be stand-up paddle boarding offered by Recreation Services in the Eleanor Misener Aquatic Centre on Wednesday from 10-2pm. If this sounds like a great way to de-stress, you can sign up at the Walker Welcome Desk to reserve your spot!


Photo: Wellness Week Schedule (website)

Other Events

Wellness Week is getting started with an awesome event- Life Chats with BUSU Advocacy! There will be videos shown in SkyBar Lounge on Monday night from 7-8pm, and each of the five videos will have a different wellness focus, including mental, spiritual, emotional, lifestyle, and physical wellness.

Another great way to relax is through laughing off the stress. BUSU and Student Lofts have organized a Yuk Yuks Comedy Night on Tuesday from 8-11pm at Isaac’s Bar and Grill.

Alumni Coffee Hour is being organized by the Brock University Alumni Association- and this event is open for everyone! Stop by for some free coffee and desserts, and the opportunity to meet other students and alumni. This event will take place on Wednesday from 2-3pm in Guernsey Market.

On Wednesday BUSU and the Paul Hansell Foundation are organizing an Open Mic Night. If you’re interested in performing, sign up through the Wellness Week page.

There will be a Hockey Game on Friday from 7-10pm. While this event is free, students are asked to bring a non-perishable food item, which will go to Community Care.


Photo: Wellness Week Schedule (website)

Wellness Week is an amazing opportunity to remind ourselves that despite the stress of school, we need to set some time aside for our own wellness. For the full schedule, check out the Wellness Week page.


Photo: Wellness Week (website)