All of us were grateful for the extra couple days we had to catch on readings, assignments, and study for upcoming midterms; However, the word on the street is that not all students actually use Reading Week to read. Taking into consideration that most university students have reading week after Thanksgiving, not only are we still catching up with family, but dealing with their pesky questions as well. After Monday, students have Tuesday until Friday to do “school” work, but what are students really doing with these four days?
In fact, most students might argue that it is more complicated than just sleeping. In fact, as you “sleep” you might be stressing about all the assignments and midterms you have coming up. Fortunately for our generation, one of the most effective ways we deal with stress is catching some Z’s so you can feel more or less motivated to attack all the tasks on your to-do list.
Most of us knew that we would be spending our Reading Week at home, so why not make some money while we’re in our hometowns? Since tuition and textbooks seem to be doing a wonderful job at clearing our bank accounts and wallets, some students sacrificed their Reading Week by going back to their part-time jobs, and working long, tiring hours just so they can make a little cash. Hopefully, the students that did choose to do hard labor every day this week don’t come back to school crying when they realize they didn’t get a chance to enjoy the short break before all chaos breaks loose.
Meeting Up With Friends:
If you didn’t go to the same school as your best friend(s), Reading Week is the perfect opportunity to catch up with them, and this could literally take hours. After all, you have to tell them about all the drama, which professors you like or not, and who could your future husband or wife is. the company of your friends is important, and is needed before you have to go back to school, but think about all the time wasted that could’ve been invested into studying…or not.
The hardest part of studying or doing an assignment is starting. Most students happen to be advanced procrastinators. There seems to be some sort of division; either you’re caught up or your behind. Everything gets delayed until last minute, and truth to be told, most of the schoolwork that we could be doing now might just get done when we get back to school.
Actually Studying:
The whole purpose of this week is to be reading, so kudos to you if you happened to be one of the students who put aside time to actually do your work. In the end, it will totally be worth it, even if it feels like your brain is exploding right now.
Unfortunately, Reading Week is over and by Monday, students will be in full school mode again…for the most part. Whether you spent last week relaxing, working, or studying, good luck with dealing with the upcoming stress of university life.