Well Badgers, we’re back from Reading Week –  *sigh* – but as we enter what is typically one of the busiest weeks for school work, we look back on what we are thankful for this past week of October.

1. Food

I think everyone can agree that the food was the most anticipated thing that we waited for as students. After a month of struggling, everyone is glad to go home and get some home cooked food made with love.  Even after Thanksgiving has passed, it’s important to remain mindful that not everyone may be as lucky to be surrounded by family or have a hot meal to eat. If we keep in mind those that are less fortunate, we can lend a helping hand by donating or volunteering at the nearest Salvation Army throughout the months ahead!

2. Family & Friends

Post-secondary is where students part ways with family and friends, and our Thanksgiving holiday was the perfect way to catch up with family, and reconnect with high school friends! We bet some of the most commonly asked cringe-worthy questions included: “How is school?” “How’s your GPA?” “Are you single?” “What are you going to do when you graduate?”

3. Clapbacks

With every passing Thanksgiving, comes a brand new selection of surfaced holiday memes. This year we saw the rise of the #ThanksgivingClapBack.

These memes seemed to have originated in the States for their own Thanksgiving in November, and soon all of North America was adding their two cents in for the Thanksgiving clapbacks. If you find yourself stressing during this week, we suggest you peruse this hashtag for comic relief!

4. Procrastination

With an extra reading week, comes great responsibility. 

We’re sure all of you badgers spent your week diligently completing your readings and assignments, studying, and enjoying your vacation from 8am classes – but for those of you who are a part of team #ProcrastinationNation – we feel you. Treat yoself to a nice study spot on campus this week if you fell into the procrastination trap last week!