Everyday countless Brock students are subjected to seminars, a place where students are encouraged to voice their opinion about course readings and material. The TA or student facilitating the seminar asks a series of questions to get students thinking….but we know there’s so much more to it than that.

Here’s what your seminar participation habits say about you:

1. The Prepared Constant Talker

This person usually doesn’t stop talking for the hour, they have an answer for everything, they did the reading three days ago, and having an 8 a.m. doesn’t bother them at all because they can’t wait to tell the class what they really think. The rest of the class would secretly like to thank you for fielding the sometimes rather boring topics covered, and distracting us from TH345’s mundane atmosphere and beige walls.


2. The B.S Constant Talker

This person talks a lot but says nothing.


3. The Once-in-a-whiler

When this person talks, everyone is shocked by their rather accurate answer and suddenly starts trying  to remember their name. You’re here to get a few participation marks (mid 70’s) and are ready to graduate. You know the course is important, but you need a coffee before anything.


4. The Silent Student

You’re here to get marks for showing up, you understand the concepts being taught but don’t want to contribute to the conversation because you either haven’t taken your textbook out of the plastic wrap yet or are too tired from Isaac’s the night before.


5. The Facilitator

You dread this day, your hoping the TA is a few minutes late to take time off your presentation and have back-up questions ready in case no one is willing to participate. The YouTube clips are loaded, and your ready to let them run 30 seconds later to kill time. Everyone knows the famous, “let’s go around the room and compare our answers” and before you know it, it’s time to wrap up.