Hey fellow Badgers,

The 6th annual 2016 Wellness Week is upon us here at Brock. Each year students can look forward to a little relief from the stressful times of finals and getting a little TLC courtesy of BUSU and other BU departments. Take care of yourself by tapping into your own wellness for a whole week…and here’s hoping longer!

Here are six reasons you should take a break and attend some events this Wellness Week.

1. Connect.

Meet new people, or deepen your friendships by taking a minute to pause. Together, we can better understand the process of bringing balance into our lives. It’s important not to lose focus on what really matters, and University is a time for making lifelong bonds! There are various events on campus where you can strengthen your relationships with others during Wellness Week!

2. Eat healthy.


The life of a student can be full of sleepless nights and less than healthy meals. We may not always be able to take the time to look after ourselves. That’s where Wellness Week events come in, helping you to beat hunger during these crucial weeks. Whether it’s a quick snack, or a free breakfast which takes into account your dietary needs, your body will thank you during exam time! There are yummy events on every single day of Wellness Week!

3. Get active.


Would you rather focus on getting a quick workout, or some physical therapy on the go? Wellness Week has you covered there, too. All over campus students will be congregating to hang out and get fit! All levels of experience are welcome, and your schedule can be accommodated since there are a variety of offerings all week. Check here to see which one is right for you!

4. Tune into your creativity.


Banish stress with events where you can express yourself and check out the creations of others! Network with other students and enjoy a couple of drinks while channelling your inner Picasso…and much more! We all feel great when we’re able to make something with our own hands, and the experience couldn’t be further from sitting at a computer and working on paper after paper!

5. Your budget.

And lastly…don’t forget about all the free stuff! If that won’t get you out and focusing on your wellness, what will?! In all seriousness though, Wellness Week offers you the opportunity to scramble up some freebies and try some cool services. Did someone say free massage?


If you can’t attend some or any of the events and you’re interested, take a minute to read about how you can relax in ten easy ways!

Remember, your overall wellbeing is much more important than perfect grades. I know how overwhelming this time can be but let’s all try to make ourselves a main priority. Personally, I’ll be in the Puppy room!