Coming to Brock can feel overwhelming after high school, but any Badger will tell you the easiest way to stay up to date with what’s going on is through social media.

Here’s how it can help:

1. Twitter

Probably the best way to get quick information about what’s happening at Brock during the week. BUSU usually includes links in their tweets for specific information about O-week, Wellness week, Homecoming, and any other major event happening during the year. The Brock University twitter account, also posts important dates and information for students, if you have any questions you need answered feel free to tweet @BrockBUSU or @BrockUniversity.

brock twitter

2. Instagram

Great if you’re more of a visual person or always on Instagram, mix @brockbusu into your feed as a way to receive updates! The most recent one has been Burrito Boyz coming to campus! General Brock also has an Instagram account and post daily food specials and sales throughout the year. We also love seeing all of your posts, by using the hashtag #BrockU or #BrockBusu we can easily like or comment on your photos! If you really want us to see it try tagging us!


3. Facebook

  Allowing for things like longer posts and photo albums, it’s easy to find something you may have missed. If you want to find your photo from a past event, it’s easy to locate the album,and photos are usually posted one or two days after.

Want to ask us a question but too shy to post? Inbox us and we’ll happy to help!


4. Snapchat

New to the BUSU family this summer, our Snapchat is a fun way to engage our followers.We often ask our followers different questions, and like to interact with students. We’ll also be snap chatting all of our O-week events this year and keeping track of all the action.


We can’t wait to see all of you in September!

Get ready for exciting new updates and contests throughout the year!