Hey there!

Upon my arrival at Brock, I had some unfortunate events take place. I didn’t have enough money to pay my phone bill, but at least I had a phone and could use the WiFi that the school provided. However, on Thanksgiving, karma hit home. Leaving my phone on the table among food and drinks, a can of pop spilled all over my phone and since then, I’ve been phoneless. Trust me when I say being without a phone in the 21st Century is extremely hard. Parents always tell us that we’re always on our phones and we need to spend time away from it; but the reality is, our generation and the generations to come our going to be more dependent on technology, and there’s nothing that can be done about it. Now that I finally have a phone after going a good two months without it, I’ve come up with several reasons of how phones help make our life’s more convenient and stress free.


Keeping In Touch With People:

I live on residence with all my friends, so I see them regardless, but it got challenging when I would have to call my hometown and check in on old friends and family, and asking people to use their phone every two minutes to call family becomes an inconvenience not only to you but to the other person as well. It’s also hard to explain to people what happened to your old phone…as to why to haven’t answered their messages. “No, I didn’t R-Bomb you on purpose…” the conversation always begins, “…I just don’t have a phone.”


A Lifesaver When You Go Out:

How are you supposed to check the bus times if there’s nothing to tell you what time it’s coming? Or how about when you get stranded in the middle of nowhere? Not fun. It is those moments where you just have to humble yourself and ask a random stranger to use their phone because God knows that’s the only way you’re getting out of that situation, or you could try to find a payphone but let’s be honest – chances are slim at finding one of those.


The Perfect Excuse to Leave:

As a naturally awkward person, not having a phone made it ten times worse. When you want to pass time on bus rides, or get out of tense conversations but can’t because you don’t have a phone to used as a distraction. Those awkward moments that were once avoidable now seem like a bottomless pit!



Social Media:

Not having the ability to go on my social media accounts with ease was another complication for me, seeing as apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and even WhatsApp all require a phone or at least a tablet of some sort. Social media is a huge part of society today, and even if I didn’t have anything to post, it would still be nice to see what other people are up to; whether they’re at another university or checking up on family in a different part of the world. Probably the saddest part about not having access to social media is when I wanted to show the world something interesting that was happening my life and not being able to.



Constantly Being Late:

One of the biggest problems I had was the alarm, or the lack of since I no longer had a phone. How on earth was I supposed to wake up for an 8 o’clock class? I wish I had it in me, but the way my body is set up – it’s just not happening. Having a phone as an alarm is a blessing and saves you from being late from a number of important things in life.

After two months of being phoneless, I can truly appreciate being able to use a phone during to make life a lot easier. Phones are a big part of our daily lives and we rely on them for much more than we think. You try going phoneless for 2 months.