Why Tessa and Scott are #Goals

By Daniela Gatti

Hey Badgers! It’s been one month since the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang wrapped up, but people are still talking about the young Ice Dancing couple from London, Ontario. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir revealed that they came out of their 2-year hiatus just to train one more time for the Olympics this year, and that hard work definitely paid off! Not only did they win 2 gold medals (1 in teams, 1 in their couples skate), but they also became the most decorated figure skaters in Olympic history with 5 medals (3 gold, 2 silver) over the past 3 Winter Olympic games!

However, once that last performance was over, people around the world all have the same question: are Tessa and Scott together?

Here are some reasons why Tessa and Scott are #RealationshipGoals

They’ve known each other since they were little

This year marks 21 years that Tessa and Scott have been skating together, starting when Tessa was 7 and Scott was 9. Most figure skaters change skating partners in the early years and eventually get a more permanent partner, but these two have only been skating wither each other. Tessa has even said that she doesn’t remember life without Scott.

They have the most adorable pre-skating rituals 

They always hug before stepping foot on the ice. Tessa explained that the ritual is to help the get in sync: “It’s something we’ve done for several years now really just to feel our timing together, find that synchronicity and get our breathing in unison. Just really to feel that connection and to emphasize the chemistry and togetherness that we hope to create on the ice.”

Their chemistry

It’s so obvious that they have strong chemistry. Minutes after their last performance at PyeongChang, they were #1 trending on Twitter, with people saying “Not sure if I took a breath during that Virtue/Moir routine” and “I think after Tessa and Scott, I now understand true love and am ready to give up the bachelor life and get married now”. In an interview with Macleans, Tessa chimed in about their chemistry on the ices, saying “it comes with the territory and that’s part of the storytelling we do on the ice. If that’s the by-product of having a great longstanding partnership, then we can deal with it.”

They describe their relationship as “unique”

Since the Olympics, the couple hasn’t had a single interview with being asked about their relationship status.  Scott told CNN “We’ve needed each other along the way and it is a unique relationship — we’re not quite sure how to describe it — but we’re sure thankful to have it.”

They make each other laugh

Tessa admits that they still have a sense of humor after working together for 2 decades; “The sad thing is after 20 years I still find Scott hysterical”. In the same interview, Scott said that “[Tessa’s] actually hilarious. I think some people would be surprised.”

They poke fun at each other on social media

They were on Ellen!

Since their last performance, Tessa and Scott haven’t had a single interview that does include asking about their relationship status. The uncertainty of their relationship is causing many conspiracy theories to spread, including that the couple hates each other in real life or the possibility that they’ve secretly been married for years. For now, I, like many fans, will be following them on social media to see if any more hints will be dropped in the near future.

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