Winter essentials!  

The leaves shed faster than they changed colour! We’re slowly bidding farewell to the fall fuzziness. As we welcome winter, let’s look at some “must haves” this season!


Layer up:

The snow can be harsh, but the wind is worse. The best way to stay warm is to layer clothing. Layering up also helps cope with the heaters inside the classrooms and hallways.


Hair care:

Avoid the static in your hair by rubbing dryer sheets to get rid of those annoying fly-aways! Refrain from over-washing- it strips your hair off essential natural oils which keeps it healthy.



Avoid ashy skin by moisturizing regularly! It’s a good idea for both men and women. It avoids skin problems that may arise in the future.



We often forget to hydrate during the winter season! Lack of water during the gloomy weather makes us more lethargic and prone to infections.
Water your opinions on this?


Home Essentials:

Germ killing humidifiers:

Many of us don’t think about this but low humidity during winter can serve as a breeding ground for germs. Investing in a humidifier reduce the adverse effects of low humidity not only on our health, but also on the furniture, books, and so on in our houses.


Boot mats:

You don’t want salt in your living room carpets, do you?

We didn’t choose the salt life; the salt life chose us!



Stock up on groceries! Snow storms can be a big inconvenience. It’s even worse when there’s not enough food at home! Make that Zehr’s trip now rather than later!


Winter must visit:

  • Arrowhead Provincial Park, Muskoka
  • Dog sledging in Muskoka
  • Ice Fishing in Lake Simcoe or Lake Huron
  • Blue Mountains skiing
  • Ice Climbing in Elora, Ontario
  • Toronto Christmas Market

So bring out those mittens, get your large double-double, wear those toques, and make way for winter!


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