Hello everyone!

Move in day is right around the corner and I know how exciting yet nerve-wracking things can be. Last year, I was absolutely terrified for my first year because high school teachers spent so much time scaring me by telling me that I would be reduced to my student number for the next four years of my life. I spent countless hours on YouTube watching videos of random people’s first year experiences and constantly hoped for the best. My first year was one of the greatest years of my life, and I can say that because I chose to make it the best year of my life. Your entire university experience is what you want it to be, so take chances! If you aren’t sure what to expect during your first week of classes, allow me to break it down for you.

1. Your professors will mostly go over the course expectations, provide you with a course syllabus, and allow you to get to know them a little better during your first lecture. However, that does not mean that you are free skip your first lecture because some instructors will begin teaching course material! You don’t want to miss anything important.

2. There are no seminars during the first week, so don’t worry about getting lost in Mac Chown just yet!

3. Also, Instructors will give you information on textbooks and let you know if you will need to buy them, or not. Don’t get stuck with books that you’ll never open!

Textbooks can run you an easy $500. Explore all options before you buy a textbook!

4. Lectures take place across campus, take advantage of the campus tours during O-Week and learn all the building codes, and where the lecture halls are.

5. There is nothing wrong with introducing yourself to your instructor after class. Ensure that you are more than your student number!

6. Instructors will stress the importance of the Library’s Learning Centre and all the different services they can offer you. Don’t be afraid to check it out, because a little extra help can go a long way – especially with writing essays.

First week of university can be a tough time to get used to, but I promise that everything falls into place very fast. Forget everything that your high school teachers have told you and experience it for yourself! Brock is waiting to show you all the world has to offer, don’t miss it!